How far I have come since my beginning in 1981… Today, as I turn 58, my primary goal is to pass on to my children what I have received from my parents.

To be able to say to myself that this land for future generations has been improved thanks to environmentally friendly farming methods and consumer health. EARL OULIVETO [a family-owned company with 70 ha of vineyards] is certified as a level  3 Environmental Value specification(the highest), which also includes biodiversity measures.

It was fortunate seeing my son Mathieu return from Canada and being able, in parallel with my operation, create the Maison Rivier commercial company together. It is a daily opportunity to enrich each other with our different know-hows and experiences.

Our family has always transmitted its passion and love for the vine, its soil and the fruit of this culture.

Within our tasting space, created in July 2018, we are happy to share with our friends and customers these magnificent vintages in memory of those who preceded us on the farm. A new vintage is born in 2019, a pure happiness… like the arrival of a small child… A second white in the range. Even if this cuvée has a family air, it has its peculiarities, a different character, a typicity linked to its terroir.

Through the educational vineyard, which was planted in March 2019 in front of the cellar, next to the family house. It will be a beautiful tool that will allow us to visually show our guests the different stages and techniques used in the vineyard, depending on the seasons and the climatic conditions. Ten different grape varieties, each with their characteristics and peculiarities.

To discover how to shape the vine stalk, work it seasonally, amdire it when it is in bloom, taste a bay of Syrah or Viognier, we will be able in daily life, with children, customers, share these values transmitted by our elders.

“We are the heirs of what our parents bequeathed to us, and the donors of future generations”

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Joseph Rivier

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